Thursday, March 29, 2012

A break?

I can't believe I decided to post again this week. I was fully expecting misery all week. Yesterday however I woke up feeling ok. I didn't through up, took a zofran, drove to school and ate most of the day and took another zofran when I got home so I could keep eating and drinking. Today I felt even better. I don't feel like I need a zofran this evening and I have eaten quite a bit albeit starchy foods all through the day. I don't know if this helped but I have made sure to get some dairy in the last couple of days be it yogurt, or cheese. Maybe it's that.

We did have 1 scare last night though. I brought my colace to the couch with me so I could wait the 30 minutes after the zofran to take it. I guess I forgot. When L got home with DH has was running around being cute. Next thing I know he is on the couch practically choking. DH picked him up when he promptly vomited all over him. And there it was, the colace pill. *sigh. At least it tastes so nasty chewed that it makes a almost 2 year old vomit.

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for me. I worked hard ALL day to get my grades complete. It is the last thing I wanted to worry about tomorrow with the doctors appointment and trying to pack. Tomorrow: Florida or bust! Congrats to the little bro for graduating sub school!

UpDate: The doctor visit was mixed. Sonogram lady was horribly rude but the doctor was amazing. Yay Dr S. Say hello to new little peanut!

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