Friday, March 9, 2012

Doctor Office Frustration


So on Monday I saw my awesome Ob Dr. T and had an exam and blood drawn for confirmation of pregnancy. The next day the office called to schedule my first sonogram at 8 weeks. Luckily for me this comes right before spring break and at my best estimate, about a week after nausea sets in. I thought the appointment was for a follow up of the sonogram so when they scheduled me with Dr. R I didn't much care. So today I got a call back saying that Dr. R couldn't see me so we would either have to reschedule to a different day or see a different doctor. I explained to the women on the phone (who sounded about 12) that it didn't really matter if they switched my doctor because that wasn't my OB anyway. But flags started to go off for me at this point. I asked her what the appointment was for and she told me it was for my first OB appointment. I said ok, and what do they do at this appointment (because I have already realized that this is completely different then how my last pregnancy care went). She explained this was the big one where they do all the blood work. No other explanation. Like I know what it is suppose to entail in detail without some sort of assistance. I did ask her if I had to undergo ANOTHER naked examination and she said no but I am wondering why they didn't schedule me with MY OB for my first official OB appointment. After calling a friend I learned that the front staff doesn't care who you see. You are a cow and part of the heard. They schedule you with whomever is convenient for them. I am so livid (hence the long drawn out paragraph ranting). So, I did ask the lady on the phone why I couldn't see my doctor. She responded that all patients are expected to see all the doctors before they give birth. I told her my situation and that I preferred to see my OB through at least the first trimester before I get passed around and she literally said : "Oh, I'm sorry... so do you want to see Dr. S on the 30th?" NO WTF! I WANT TO SEE DR T! only Dr. T is somehow not ever available again because the women would not work with me to figure out when I could get in to see her. Grrrr. For the record, I could care less who delivers my baby. I want my OB so they can get me through the first 2 trimesters alive and whole and I trust Dr. T with my situation. Not Joe Shmo.

deep breath

Now I am craving mushroom soup. I've been very irritable lately. Partly because my kids at school are hitting the spring crazies and have worn my rope to a nubbin. I want to spend all weekend in jammies in bed. Eating mushroom soup. I have also been drinking water like a fish and still so thirsty! I did not have this with the last one. I am literally drinking 10-12 cups of water a day and still feel so dry. And I have been a little constipated too which just seems too early. Where is all this water going? I don't feel like I am peeing as much as I am drinking. I went to bed last night feeling so bloated with water that I was uncomfortable. And my poor DH is feeling neglected. I just want alone time when I am home now. I think I will blame all of the above on the hormones.

I have 6 blankets half way in the process of being completed. Hopefully tomorrow I can send out another shipment to my fertile friends with bigger bellies then mine.

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