Friday, March 16, 2012

Burp, Burp, Uggggggg

I did tell you we are on a count down right? 3 days until ultimate DOOM.  Today was pretty bad though. This morning I was ironically ok. I made it into school just fine but after an hour I had to pop a double dose of zofran to just make it through class without vomiting and to make the room stop spinning. I guess the peanut butter sandwich I had really did not sit well. I kept burping up peanut butter. So, second period I slept in the nurses room for about 30 minutes. When I woke up I actually felt WORSE! Ug. My para took pity on me and grabbed all my kids who were overdue in taking an exam and made excuses to their other teachers for me. I hate teaching 45 minute classes. Bring back the block! oh well.

Today is also science fair. I have 2 little "birds" who have an excellent project but are so disorganized. I've tried the best I can with them but at this point - Fly my little birds!

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