Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toddler Quilt

It's Saturday and I am in full blown crafting and cleaning mode. I made a nice list of every craft project I need to get done before the illness kicks in. I figure I am 4 weeks along which means I have 3 weeks until DOOM. That's probably when I will tell everyone we are pregnant. It might also be the same time I share this blog:)  Here is my craft for the day:

Toddler blanket:

about 11 small swaddle blankets (matching)
About 2 1/2 yards minky... I think
 1 1/2 packs big Satin Binding (cheapest at Walmart)
rotary cutter and mat
This project is for another mama friend who also had HG with her first and more recently with her second! This quilt is for her first little girl out of her old swaddle blankets.

1. Cut all of your blankets into 8 inch squares

2. Lay your squares out on a bed so you can gauge the size you want it to be and the pattern of the material. I like to make the blanket fit the top of a full size bed.
3. I recommend taking a picture at this point in case  someone in the family jump on the bed mid project and mess up your pattern.
4. Stitch all the squares together first 1 row at a time: stitch with right sides facing each other with a strait stitch.
5. Stitch the rows together by first pinning the seems together. I would pin only the top flap of the seem (the one that will be on top while you are sewing) to the left and then the bottom flap would naturally go to the right when being stitched to keep things flat.

6. Next, pin you blanket to the minky. This can be tricky because minky is stretchy. I would iron out your squares first, lay it on the floor flat (good side down) and then lay the minky on top.
7. Stitch wrong sides together by stitching "in the ditch" over your seems you have already made. (I find stitching all the rows one way before stitching the other way works the best)
8. Finally pin your binding in place and stitch on with a zigzag stitch. You can make your own, but you will save about 2 hours of your time by just buying big satin binding at a store. I needed 1 1/2 packs to fit this quilt.

Here is the finished product on a full sized bed - I had a little leftover for a pillow

Here is the finished product on a toddler bed - a little big but still very cute.
Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love seeing the process of how you made Clara's quilt! I can't thank you enough, Teddi! It is even more beautiful in person! :)