Thursday, March 29, 2012

A break?

I can't believe I decided to post again this week. I was fully expecting misery all week. Yesterday however I woke up feeling ok. I didn't through up, took a zofran, drove to school and ate most of the day and took another zofran when I got home so I could keep eating and drinking. Today I felt even better. I don't feel like I need a zofran this evening and I have eaten quite a bit albeit starchy foods all through the day. I don't know if this helped but I have made sure to get some dairy in the last couple of days be it yogurt, or cheese. Maybe it's that.

We did have 1 scare last night though. I brought my colace to the couch with me so I could wait the 30 minutes after the zofran to take it. I guess I forgot. When L got home with DH has was running around being cute. Next thing I know he is on the couch practically choking. DH picked him up when he promptly vomited all over him. And there it was, the colace pill. *sigh. At least it tastes so nasty chewed that it makes a almost 2 year old vomit.

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for me. I worked hard ALL day to get my grades complete. It is the last thing I wanted to worry about tomorrow with the doctors appointment and trying to pack. Tomorrow: Florida or bust! Congrats to the little bro for graduating sub school!

UpDate: The doctor visit was mixed. Sonogram lady was horribly rude but the doctor was amazing. Yay Dr S. Say hello to new little peanut!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 8 = Doom

Just a quick update today because I haven't checked in recently. I feel terrible. All the same symptoms as last time. No break for me this time as it were. Throwing up 2-3 times a day, that's with the zofran. total food aversion and my mouth is so dry I can't consume crackers or pretzels very rapidly. I'm down to only about 3 cups of water a day and that is me sipping on water all day long and really forcing the fluids. And I am so constipated. Pregnancy was doing it to me to begin with then add low fluids, no fiber, and the zofran, I am hit up. I will spare you from the details but I did call the doctor this morning and got the same answers I've heard before: " try eating small meals throughout the day, really try to get the fluids in..." I stopped the nurse and told her listen, I've been through this once before - none of that stuff works for me. So she told me as long as I am eating and keeping some stuff down than I am not really in critical need of being seen. When I asked about the constipation she said "more fluids and fiber, you can take Metamucil and etc. etc. (i stopped listening)" Lady, like I told you, I can barely keep water down how am I suppose to drink Metamucil? She resorted to just take more meds.

Ah, I really hate this doctor's office. It is so impersonal. They won't get me in to see a doctor for my first appointment so I will be seeing a nurse practitioner. I am actually ok with it. Nurses usually listen better anyway especially if she has any experience with HG. Not that I am saying it is HG yet. Perhaps this is just sever morning sickness. IDK. But, if I have to wait 45 minutes again then I am switching "doctors". Did I just have a good experience with offices last time or are they all like this? Is it unreasonable to expect to see my doctor?

One last update: I had to tell my coworkers last week and my kids on Monday. I am just too sick to not let people know. As I was going to tell the kids I decided to let the family know as well. I know it is really soon and we have no ultrasound yet but ah well. I did tell the kids (who were bouncing with excitement and yelling it through the hallways) that we were only cautiously excited because anything can still happen. Then they wanted to know if it was a girl or a boy and if I would name the baby Charles. *sigh. OH we also got a house cleaner - big win.

Monday, March 19, 2012

7 weeks today

Are you team Peeta or team Gail? This is what one of my least favorite, cocky students asks me today. It's not that I dislike him. I actually think he's a pretty funny person. It's that his negative attitude towards school and the whole why do we even have to do this anyway attitude is rubbing off on a lot of good kids resulting in poorer grades for them. Ug. Anyway, to answer his question... I'm not sure! If you've read the Hunger Games series, you may have an opinion on this and understand that I use to be team Gale all the way. But now, now I see Peeta as such a genuinely good person, moral, upright and willing to give his life for the woman he loves. Gale? I don't think he would. I don't think he loves her that way. This weekend I spent my time on the couch reading and got through the first 2 1/2 books. I have no idea what the ending of the series will be like. I would be interested to know if you are dating or married, did you marry a Peeta or a Gale? A lover and protector, or someone to be on an adventure with and partners with? I married a Peeta I think. :)

Anyway, other than all the reading as the nausea has me really confined to the couch, we also told our parents about the new little peanut. We asked them not to get too excited because we haven't had the ultrasound yet but we needed them to know. The nausea has started to get bad as of today. Not so much nausea as the feeling of wanting to throw up and food aversions. Yesterday was the first time to throw up in the morning. Today I didn't think I would so I took my meds and threw them up on my way out the door:( Then I dry heaved when I got to school. After walking around with my bucket for half a day and a baggie of fruit loops, I felt a little better by lunch. Enough to eat a lunchable. (I know, not that healthy, but one of the few foods I can stomach right now) I even drank about 3 cups of water today. I am trying! It's already better then last time... so far. I also inadvertently told another coworker because I felt like such an heel for putting more work off on her, but I hope she keeps her end secret for a little while longer.