Monday, March 12, 2012

It's go Time

Daylight savings is a bear. We barely made it everywhere we needed to today and I did the whole day without makeup on:( Oh well. It's gorgeous out but I am beginning to feel nauseated. Just this afternoon it began with just some reflux type stuff and an overall aversion to food. I know right at the moment I could easily nose dive into the HG spiral but I got proactive. I am starting with a zantac. If that doesn't work in an hour I am putting on the seabands. If that doesn't work then I will take a b6 unisom combo and just conk out early tonight. I think I might have to keep the zofran on me tomorrow. I also need to watch my diet. I need to eat high protein every hour and lots of water... IDK how that is going to happen yet but so far just a nauseated feeling. You know what? That reflux is actually full blown stomach turning nausea now - off to get the seabands.

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