Sunday, March 11, 2012

Savor each Moment and Sleep the rest

As I get ready for bed tonight I can't help but think, "is this the last hot shower I will be able to enjoy", "is this the last time I will be able to brush my teeth with toothpaste without vomiting"? I had a really nice day today. We added new soil and fertilizer to our little garden. DH took down a lot of dead branches with a rope tied to a log. We spent an hour at the park after L took off from out yard into our neighbors yard and high tailing it to the park. I guess he wanted us to take a break from yard work. I even made cookies today. The good home made chocolate chip cookie kind and they turned out perfect. Every bite made me think how in only a few short days I may not be able to eat a cookie for months.

I didn't keep up well on the water today. I'm trying now to make up for it. I pray desperately that it doesn't trigger nausea tomorrow. I'm thinking of preemptively taking a zantac before bed. I just have a gut feeling that Doom is on the horizon. I hope that I am wrong.

Tomorrow I have to leave early with DH and L to go to work. DH has a conference on the other side of DC and I need to get him to a metro early. L's daycare doesn't start until 6:30 but that's the time I also need to be on the beltway or traffic becomes a nightmare. And it's daylight savings. *sigh. Horrible day to have to get up early. We had all these grand plans of switching L to DS today. That didn't work out so well. Good luck to his teachers tomorrow. I anticipate a very long day for them. Although we will be waking L up early so who knows.

I did not get all my crafts done this weekend. There were just too many of them and too much loafing I wanted to enjoy. I will post some pics of crafts later.

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