Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Avoid the Nausea

Today I went in for my first appointment with Dr. T. She is so awesome. I am so happy I found a great doc right away when we moved here. She is happy to partner with me in this challenge. Things went well. I had the general dreaded exam that somehow doesn't seem to get better even after child birth. She had some blood drawn as well. I should find the results of that tomorrow. If we are over 2000 hCG then we will schedule our first sonogram at 7 weeks to see the heart beat! DH was so excited to hear that we can go so soon.

I also showed Dr. T my list of things to do I found on babycenter yesterday to avoid the nausea. I am going to post it word for word in case it helps anyone else. With that being said Dr. T prescribed me the zofran and recommended the B6 unisom combo. She said to hold off on the others unless I need them. I bought all of it today after the appointment:)

How to avoid the debilitating Nausea:

Nausea/Vomiting helpline... Their site is!You can call 1-800-436-8477 and ask for CAroline Maltepe.  You can tell her Jen from the US sent you.  She is BEYOND amazing and will be an excellent resource!!! She has 15 years experience with extreme nausea and vomiting and has written much of the research!

"Here are my recommendations: =)  Hope some of these bring relief to at least some of you.  If you are unable to keep ANYTHING down for more than 24 hours please demand medical care.  There is NO reason why YOU have to suffer.
1.) You should be eating from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.  Eating should be occurring no more than 1.5 hours between each snack and meal.  All snacks/meals HAVE to be protein based.  Even if you do not have current nausea and vomiting now it is a good idea to start this pre-emptive treatment now if you know you have a history. ( I sleep with a low carb protein bar by the bed)
2.) Pre natal vitamins often have a lot of minerals with can contribute to the severity of nausea and vomiting.  I am on the flinstones chewable vitamins 2-3 times a day.  The added minerals are not needed until the 2nd trimester. (Obv. always consult with your OB.) *Mine said just take the folic acid*
3.) Fluids - It is important to maintain an intake of at least 64 oz of water daily...Most of us who have severe nausea/vomiting also have low blood pressure.  You need to have 8oz of electrolytes/day to help maintain a normal blood pressure.  I use the pedialiyte packets.  They have the highest amounts of e-lytes.  I also have the pedialyte frozen pops in case things get really bad.  These are excellent if you are unable to keep anything down.
4.) Sea Bands/ Ginger gum - these can both be found in your local pharmacy.  The ginger gum will be found where the sea bands are.  Ask your pharmacist.  This remedy will help take the edge off if your symptoms are not severe.
5.) Zantac 150 mg - 2x's a day...One before bed and one before breakfast.  The research has found that there is a huge correlation between acid build up in the stomach and nausea/vomiting in pregnancy.  If this does not help you will need to get a prescription of prilosec/prevacid from your OB.
6.) ORal disolvable Zofran - This is one of the most popular anti-emtics.  It comes in 4mg and 8mg.  The ODT tablet disolves under your tongue. It is important to take this med. with colace, as it often causes constipation which can contribute to severe nausea/vomiting in pregnancy.  This medication works best when fully hydrated.  If you are not you may beed iv hydration.
7.) Reglan - Used as an anti-emetic as well to keep things moving along in your digestive track.  It is important to take this medication on an empty stomach in the morning and you have to eat within 30 minutes of taking it or it will not work. *This can have some extreme side effects, use caution*
8.) Vitamin b-6/unisom combo (benedictib/diclectin in Canada)
50 mg b/6 and half tablet unisom in the morning
50 mg b/6 and half tablet unisom at around 1-2
50- 100mg b/6 and full tablet of unisom at night
*This combo has been found to be very effective, however it does take 3-4 days to get into your system.  It is super important not to miss a dose and you will note a progression.  Again speak with OB before implementing any of these interventions/treatment plans.
9.) Pytalism - or extreme salivation: Keep a big plastic cup with you at all times.  Fill the bottom with listerine to avoid the smell triggering nausea/vomiting symptoms
10.) Stress/Exhaustion: Do not push yourself beyond your means.  Stress and exhaustion can be a huge contributor to the severity of symptoms.  If you are not sleeping at all consult with your OB.  You need at least 8 hours of sleep a night.
11.) IV hydration - If you are spilling ketones (urine test trips), you need to visit er for IV hydration.  If you have frequent visits and symptoms are worsening, you may need your OB to prescribe home IV's, be admitted to the hospital or possibley get a PICC line put in.
12.) Benadryl 25 mg-50 mg : Not the gel caps - This medication can usually eliminate the severity of symptoms.
***Phenergan - is another anti-emetic that you can get in both pill, liquid, and suppository form and can provide great relief.
****Steroids are used in ETREMELY severe cases.
 I hope this serves a resource for some of you who are currently struggling.  Please remember to speak with your OB before altering your pregnancy care in anyway. 

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