Thursday, March 15, 2012

That's how rumors get started...


"It isn't the people that build tall buildings that do the greatest deeds in life, but it is the ones who will stop everything to give love. It is the ones who will bear the burden of fatigue, insecurity, worry, and fear for their little one. It is the ones who will cry to God for help." --Sara's Mom
I saw this on facebook today and I love it. I feel like I needed to bring you something today other than complaints and misery. I certainly am not cooking and my crafts are all in the half done process. Seriously, I have about 10 blankets in process. L messed with the settings on my sewing machine yesterday so now the stitches are wacky and I don't know why.  We're going to have to go live soon with this blog. I've been wearing these sea bands all week and everyone is beginning to take notice. My students thought they were so gross they wanted to try them on (they leave a big indent between the tendons). My female coworkers whom have had children before caught on to them right away.  SO.. I feel we need to tell our family and then our friends. It seems only fair. I can't have my coworkers know and not our family. Although I know my family will be much more affected if the unthinkable happens. And it could happen. It happens to women all the time. But, I'm 6 weeks and I guess the percentage for miscarriages drops to 5% possible this week through week 12. Just keep that in mind everyone! Just because I am pregnant now does not guarantee a baby in 8 months. If God wants her back, he will take her. And yes I am pretty confident we are having a girl. I have very little reason for my prediction other than my early french toast cravings and just feeling like things are developing much higher up this time around.
Ok, so how do I feel? Like crap. This morning was bad. I didn't throw up thanks to modern medicine. The zofran let me recoup before the 40 minute drive in to work on the beltway. I dread that drive the day the meds don't work. Poor DH would have to take me. He is already back to getting all my food taken care of for me now. He's also taking care of L more now as well. I just can't after work. The sea bands were able to keep me well enough to eat the rest of the day but my appetite is way down from yesterday. Ah the slow plunge into ultimate DOOM.

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