Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 1, not quite Doom yet


Today is my official day 1 of true nausea. And, guess what? I am 6 weeks along today. I figured this week would be controllable nausea and next week true Doom would hit. So far I am right on. This morning I woke up nauseated. I tried to eat some bread and just couldn't do it. I woke up and immediately put on the sea bands. No dice. I had to make it out the door to drop L off at daycare and still get in to work on time. DH packed my lunch bag for me. I decided I needed a zofran to keep from vomiting in the car on the way to school. It was touch and go for about 10 minutes but the zofran kicked in and I felt ok. By the time I made it to school I was actually hungry. I ate a full breakfast there and didn't need to take any more pills all day. The sea bands seemed to do the trick. I did have some brief nauseous moments, but pushing on the bands helped.

This is what I mean by not true Doom. True doom requires immediate vomiting in the morning, full day barely controllable nausea and no appetite. We're not there but I think I can count on getting the nausea after today's experience. Ug.

By mid-afternoon I also had a raging headache. IDK why. When I got home I took the sea bands off so that I can reset if I need to. I don't plan on sleeping with them on either. So far, about an hour later I am ok. Hopefully I can get the peanut in bed early tonight so I can go to sleep.

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