Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

So what do you do to prepare for a "Frankenstorm". Other than getting out of dodge which wasn't really an option we have been getting all of our yard stuff stowed away in the shed and most things in the basement off the floor. It's also consisted of getting our fridge and freezer cleaned out. I feel we are mostly in for power outages but who knows.

So today after our trip into the pediatrician for a weight check and in between pumping sessions, I have been cooking. I found a pretty simple vegitable soup recipe online to dump all our freezer veggies into. It's mainly onion, potato, garlic, freezer veggies, v8 and chicken stock with seasonings. Turned out pretty yummy!

I've also made two kinds of muffins. Wild berry muffins and chocolate banana nut muffins. They were suppose to be double chocolate chip banana muffins, but my mom used all my chocolate chips last week. (I'm not complaining, the cookies were good). The wild berry muffins were pretty good. Not overly sweet but I had to use apple sauce as the base instead of strawberry puree. The chocolate ones are completely edible, but would taste a LOT better if it had chocolate chips in it.

Now it's time to go wake up the kitten and make her eat. Her weight was up 6 oz since Friday but we haven't gotten her to poo much. I guess that's important too. We also found out her billi was high on Friday but no one let our doctor know. When the doc saw her today though she was very happy with her color. The orange has receded up to her shoulders and seems to be clearing on it's own.

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