Tuesday, October 9, 2012

36 week update

I am still pregnant despite all pregnancy forcasts. I have been contracting for a solid week off and on. Most nights I experience very painful ones that last almost an hour 2-3 minutes apart but then they fade away. At the doctors today I am still a loose 3. Doctor said I will know when I am in labor because the pains will increase in intensity - I am skeptical, my water will break, or I will experience bleeding. He doesn't think I will cook much longer but said it's hard to say. He's seen women in my situation go full term. He doesn't think they will make me go to my due date though because the baby would be huge at that point.

I am off all medicine and all restrictions. All lights are green and we're just waiting for baby. Emotionally I am drained. The anxiety of going to bed every night for the last 7 weeks wondering if tonight will be the night is taking a toll. My abs are killing me. My dad is being very helpful in reorganizing my house and cleaning.

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