Tuesday, October 16, 2012

37 weeks

37 week appointment: Saw Dr. R again. I like him. He is the only one I think that genuinly remembers me when I come in. He is also pretty good at pelvic exams and runs on time. That's a big win in my book! He was surprised to see I was still pregnant. He checked me at 4 cm and said baby's head was fully engaged which was a change from last week. I had thought I had dropped Saturday night. He said this weekend if we had any of those contraction episodes to come in and he would be on call and we would be able to have this baby.

I am torn between what I know I should want: a completely natural, unadulterated, un-intervened labor and what I actually want: the baby out sooner than later. I don't really want to be pushing out a 10 pound baby. I also sort of feel I'll need pitocin either way because I don't think my body will ever kick in to high gear labor. I would LOVE my prediction to be proven completely wrong so we shall see. Half of me feels I should be insulted that Dr. R seems rearing to get this baby going and the other half is so relieved!

Trying to get my dad home for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game Saturday. I don't think it's going to happen. Sorry dad.

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