Thursday, October 4, 2012

Car seat cover: phase 2

Oh my! This is the hardest project I have ever tried to put together. I am sure it's because I don't like following directions and constantly improvise. Regardless, I am not giving my directions because I don't even know in hindsight how I pulled it together other than I did a LOT of tweaking. There is a reason these are expensive to buy. So worth it. Just go buy one.

 There is elastic for the edging across the bottom, 2 loops on the side, and 2 loops in the back. I just copied what the original car seat cover has on it. The original is actually under this one because it has the padding needed.

No worries, baby girl won't have the canopy on her seat in the car. I know that's a potential safety concern. AND with the black newborn insert (original to the car seat) you can't see any of my horrible buttonholes!
The car seat canopy wasn't too bad. I started contracting something fierce in the middle of it though and had to enlist my husband for his cutting, folding and ironing skills. He made the straps and bow pieces. I did the sewing in between really strong contractions. I seriously thought this might be it but I knew to wait and see and sure enough, the contractions backed off after about an hour. I followed the directions from this blog page.

I am beyond thrilled with how the bows turned out! I am keeping this template for next time I want to make big girl bows.

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