Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kindle Cover and Annoying Symptoms

Symptoms struck me today. Sore boobs and fatigue! Of course the fatigue could also be related to L not sleeping well last night. He was up at 2 am - 4:30. Thankfully DH and I tag teamed it and finally consented that it must be a tooth. It was very frustrating though to go in, pick him up only to find have him want to laugh and play and sing songs. Nothing is funny at 2 in the morning. And at 3 am, things aren't even remotely entertaining. So, yes we were all tired today. But I am talking about the type of tired that makes you pass out in the middle of a task at work. I took a nice nap sitting up while grading papers the last 30 minutes of the school day today. Sooooooooo tired. I made an appointment for Monday, so cross your fingers my doc is supportive. I think she is, but you just never know.

In the meantime I am just trying to enjoy every moment of every day that I still feel good. I am eating anything that sounds good. We went and played a little tennis yesterday in the nice weather. I am also trying to get all of my projects wrapped up or in a stopping point before impending doom sets in. Today's craft project is a kindle cover I did this weekend. I was going to buy one... but then I decided since I could sew, I should give it a shot. It was not that easy and looks a little home made, but I like the colors I picked.

I followed the directions on this blog

I tweaked the inside part by making 2.5 inch squares, folding them in half,  and sewing them on to another piece of fabric to hold the kindle. I just thought it was prettier. That part worked really well. I only recommend sewing this piece of fabric on to the inner panel before putting the whole thing together. It would have been a LOT easier.

And I added cardboard for some stability which I felt was important. In hind sight I would have used something even more sturdy like trimmed up plastic binder. I am also not happy with my closer. I think I need more sturdy velcro and sew it on.

In the end, it's effective and pretty. I think I can do a better job next time but it's not that fun of a project.
Tonight's project you ask? Grading volcano project brochure. Bleh.

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