Saturday, February 25, 2012

Abstract part 2

I woke up this morning itching to make my tree. I love it! It's still not done but it certainly is taking shape. I ran out of brown, or I should say "burnt umber" so I am at a standstill until I can go get more. (remember how I said the little kits are a waste? This is all the brown it had in it.) These are all my thick branches. Next I will be adding the thinner branches and fill in a little. I also need to go back and even out some of the thicker branches. I attempted some highlighting that I saw in the video yesterday. I am terrified of highlighting, especially with white. I almost want to put a swing on this tree, that branch would be perfect for it!

I took some requests from facebook friends as I am not art educated. They voted no swing because it would make it too busy, not too many colors as it would take away from the structure, and not to busy it up with more branches. I did try adding a smaller branch and they were right, it looked dumb.  I LOVE my final product. I used a glossy medium for my paints. To get the pretty green I mixed mostly yellow with just a little bit of bright blue.

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