Monday, September 10, 2012

My baby girl has hair!

At least, that's my take away from today's appointment. I'm sure it's the least important message I got today but it's the one that keeps running through my head. You can see it as bumpiness in the photo. I also think she looks a bit like Logan. Same nose for sure and crazy kissy lips. She kept puckering them out in the ultrasound.

Now to more important matters. I met a new doctor today and I liked her too. The first thing she asks me is "tell me more about your last delivery". She said with everything she read and what I was confirming she was convinced my last delivery was handled poorly and I should not have delivered when I did. She's the 3rd doctor to hint at this but the first to put it so bluntly. She thinks I just have an irritable uterus and should be able to go at least another few weeks on bed rest. Now, I am glad I had the US lady check on my cervix too because otherwise I don't think I would have had the complete picture. It's much shorter today than it had been last time. So, I am glad I have been on bedrest because changes are occuring. Even still the doctor was pretty optomistic about going 2 more weeks at least.

Today I have had only 2-3 contractions. I am 32 weeks and I feel pretty good. Baby girl was measuring 4 lbs 2 oz and right on track. She is still head down and looking great. I also got my flu shot. Oh, and did I mention the weather was perfect today? I need to get a lounge chair I think!

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