Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bedrest Update

Is it Bed rest or bedrest? I keep getting auto-corrected for the compound word but I seem to see it that way on reputable sites, so I'm not really sure. I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm just making a quick update to the tragedy that is bedrest. Here are some of my  current thoughts.

1. Bedrest is not a luxery vacation. Trust me. Maybe if I had been running around crazy all summer I would appreciate some time in bed, but I have spent all summer on the couch taking it easy so this was not at all welcome.

2. Bedrest is not easy. It is so hard not to cheat. It's partially hard not to cheat because I don't really know what the rules are. I am on a modified bedrest meaning I have bathroom and kitchen privilages. I'm suppose to stay in bed on my left side most of the day though. I cheated today. I left the house to go for a car ride. But, it was either do that or run from the house screaming so I figured the car ride was better.

3. Bedrest hurts. I am literally sore from laying in bed. I'm going to have DH pick up an egg crate mattress cover. That's what the nurse recommended.

4. People on bedrest don't really want to hear about how much fun other people are having out and about and they don't want to hear people complaining about not being in bed. It's an irrational, ungrateful time. With HG I didn't and don't wish that on ANYONE. (bedrest is better than vomiting) but with bedrest I kind of wish I could wish it on a few people so they could understand what it's like a little better.

5. I'm on bedrest for a reason, obviously. We are trying to prolong this pregnancy as long as possible. That being said, I am terrified of going into labor! I could go tonight or in 2 months. The anxiety is horrible! If we can hold off I know what we will do with our 2.5 year old, but if we go tonight I have to hope someone on our list will pick up our call. I have very lovely, caring friends but I know how huge an imposition it would be to call at 3 am with an urgent request to pick up a toddler. Our neighbors are on standby but they are incapable of watching a toddler.

6. People on bedrest should never google it. Reading things like "bedrest is not proven effective" or"There can be medical risks to bedrest" and the like don't inspire following the rules. This actually led me to calling the doc today to see if bedrest was necessary for me. I completely LOST it last night because I have been feeling good physically. No regular contractions. I have been getting contractions periodically, usually just before my time limit is up on the procardia but that is it. I decided to call the doctor and plead for lifted restrictions. The nurse was so nice on the phone and listened to my predicament and answered all of my off the wall questions with sufficient detail and confidence to appease me. She reassured me that if I was still having ANY contractions than I was still on bedrest especially because I am already on the procardia. This isn't something where you just go on the drug and trust the drug. She also said (and I didn't know this) that now my contractions were under control and only happening periodically they wanted me to call if they increased at all. This is different then what I was told last time. I was told to just ignore them and I told her that but she said it's different now that they are under control.

So, I am still here, still ticking the days away and a little less crazy than I was last night. 31 weeks yesterday!

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