Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crafting in bed

One of the sad things about bedrest is that I am not suppose to leave the bed for very much and that includes sitting at the sewing machine. I've been struggling to find any way to be productive or at least keep my mind occupied with something other than trash tv which are currently over run with political ads these days. Today I actually found some crafts I can do in bed.

Today I started with blankets. I know, you can't put a sewing machine on your lap in bed, but I can iron and pin everything I already had cut out and make it ready to sew! I used every pin I own to pin down the 3 swaddle blankets I had made for myself and 2 burp clothes bedecked with girly fru-fruness. I only own one of those small ironing boards so that fit on my lap nicely.

Next, I've been wanting some MSU hair bows but I thought how hard could it be just to make them? I looked up those bottle cap logos and only found printable ones which led me to thinking well maybe I could make my own bottle cap decorations for the garnish to my bows. I did some online learning via youtube and went to amazon looking for the supplies and came across a review of bad epoxy which led me to some good stuff. This is the site I found. I decided to buy some resin and molds to make my own jeweled ribbon garnishes. I figured this might come in handy as most all my friends have little girls and my own seems to have hair already. If it works out you can send me your requests or come over and play with my materials.

That accomplished I was still left without a craft. I started looking at bow tutorials on youtube. I tried some different techniques with ribbon I've had sitting around forever. Some turned out better than others but I am pretty pleased. The orange one is my current favorite and this is the site I found the tutorial on.
I bought some alligator clips at amazon to back the ribbons with, but for these little ones I just used some ribbon of the same color and hot glued velcro to it. Next time I am in Joannes I think I will also pick up some cute buttons to put in the middle of some of the ribbons. I want a little football or block S for the middle of the brown one and maybe a butterfly for the middle of the purple one. I have had a hard time finding ribbon online! I'll need to pick more of that up too next time I am allowed to go out.

This was the mess of my bedside workstation!

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