Friday, August 3, 2012

Shopping Spree Success... finally

I have been absent from blogging lately so here is a recap from the last month: Surprise! It's a girl. She looks very healthy. Mama started feeling pretty good, then Mama watched the 2 year old boy 4 days in a row and started contracting. Doc says to take it easy. Lots of fluids and 2 UTIs that weren't UTIs later followed with lots of rest, a trip to Michigan to visit the grandparents and the 2 year old back in day care and I am feeling pretty good. My energy has been way down so I went back on vitamins which seem to help. It's very uncomfortable to sleep but that's pretty normal and I am still contracting maybe once or twice a day but I think now they are braxton hix. They feel a lot like the contractions that put me in to labor last time, but they don't seem to be an all over tightening, just mainly the front of the belly so I am still taking it easy.

In my spare time I have been doing a lot of reading! So far this summer I have read the 50 shades of gray series twice and the first 6 books of the Outlander series. That has to be close to 8,000 pages? I'll have to count at the end of the summer. I'm taking a break from reading to get some school work done and some nursery decorating done. The decorating has been SO HARD! I finally decided on what I wanted to do and could not find the appropriate matching curtains anywhere. Apparently shiny grey curtains are not in style. Let me qualify: I did find 1 that I liked but they would have cost almost $200. So, I then decided that I would just need to take a trip to some stores to find some unique things I liked and decorate around them... as long as I can find matching curtains. One reason this is hard is because DH doesn't want the nursery painted. We are renting so he wants to keep it the way it is. Otherwise I would just paint and get white curtains. Oh well. Today I finally had some success. I hope to get the nursery done tomorrow, but here is a sneak peak:

I am not much into princesses and while I'm not really into little girl pink, I was looking for magenta and could not find it anywhere. So, I have no pink going into the room only because I really wanted to stay with jewel tones.I found some great inspiration at TJ Maxx and especially Ross and Pier 1.

Ok so I am starting with a room with a bed with no frame, no working dresser, an inconvenient diaper changer (from my 2 year old) and a hand-me-down crib. I found a bed frame I like from Ikea that we will pick up tomorrow. We found a beautiful big dresser on craigslist that just needs some paint. Here is the dresser as it looks like now. (currently it is being stored in my car until we are ready to paint - go Vibe!)

The dresser has 8 drawers and is the perfect size to function as a diaper changing station as well. The hardware is fantastic - very dark, almost black. I'm going to keep the hardware the same. I've been vacillating over what color to paint it though! I was going to paint it dark grey to match the curtains... but alas, no grey curtains. I want my colors to pop so I don't want to paint it a crazy color. That left me with white. Now, our bed frame will also be white but I am thinking of distressing the final product a little bit so I thought maybe an antique white... but in the end went with a satin white to match the bed. I bought a gloss to maybe go over it when finished depending on how I feel. Tonight I am going to spend some quality time on the web figuring out how best to do the distressing. Anyone done this before? Hopefully DH can help me get the yucky dressers out onto the curb tonight and help me sand this dresser. I am still pregnant after all. I feel great today, but don't want to push it. Oh, and yes, I did buy some masks for when I paint tomorrow.


  1. You could paing the dresser white, and then the inside of the drawers a different color. I've seen that done and it looks amazing! Gives just enough color when you open drawers, but not so much color that you're overwhelmed :)

    1. oh I never thought of that. Or at least some drawer liners in maybe a magenta damask pattern... Ug, I get these ideas in my head and then the challenge of trying to find something to match!