Sunday, August 5, 2012

Everything but the curtains

It's nice to feel well two days in a row! Husband has been wonderful indulging all my handyman requests. The baby room is done, more or less. Ikea had to be saved for after church today. It worked out perfectly. Logan ran around, got some lunch, and then crashed on the way home. He slept the whole time we were putting the room together. I even got some baby clothes put away. Husband's boss gave us some hand-me-downs so we at least have a couple outfits in various sizes and some pajamas.
This is the dresser from craigslist with the updates. (see previous post) The dress form is from Ross and I love it and justified it as a great place for hair ribbons. The little jewelry box is pier1 as is the picture frame. I think I want a mirror still. There is one at Ikea that I kind of like so maybe I will go back for that later.
The bedframe is from Ikea and purple sheets were from TJ Maxx which I used as a bed skirt and then pillow cases only. The purple pillow is from Ross as well as the 2 turquoise "goblets" and the painting. The turquoise pillow is from Pier1. The little purple light is from Ikea. Our curtains from pier1 should be in next week and then I will post another picture of the crib. They are the same shade of turquoise as the pillow and goblets. I love the room. It's very functional and pretty to walk into. I also think everything will last this little girl until college :) Well, one can hope right?

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