Friday, August 17, 2012

Burp Cloth Craft Day

Craft day! DH's boss is about to burst with her 4th boy so this morning got off on the right foot with some baby blanket crafting. I have been meaning to get back to it all summer and it feels good to have some little things accomplished. I tried a new craft today in burp cloths that match swaddle blankets I had ready to sew. It's a good matching gift to make because it uses all of the fabric that you buy. I think I bought a yard of each fabric (yard and a half to be safe) to make both.

1. Burp cloth required one Gerber pre-fold cloth diaper. I love cloth diapers but do not be fooled. The only thing these diapers are good for is as burp rags. Now you can use anything as a burp rag. With our last we used the swaddle blankets a lot as double duty with burp rags, but then we would have to wash them more often. So I cut a rectangle of fabric 4.5 inches x 13.5 inches, folded down the edges, pinned them on the rag and sewed them down. I quickly realized how fun it might be to embellish these:) I followed these directions pretty closely.

2. Extra large swaddle blankets: After you cut off your 4.5 inches of fabric along the rough edge of the fabric, fold your remaining fabric into a large triangle. Folding it into a triangle will be helpful in making  a pretty good square. Swaddle blankets really need to be square, with a little edge to them, and bigger then what they sell in the Target isle. (I use those as matching fabric for baby quilts). I'll do a tutorial of this next time I am crafting with detailed pictures but for now, here are my finished products for the day.

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