Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am officially allergic to Pregnancy

Litteraly. I have broken out into what looks like hives as a result of the hormones in my system. At least that's what the doctors think is happening. It took 3 short doctors and one tall, dashing young medical assistant to come to that conclusion.

Last Thursday I noticed some spots on the top of my belly. Friday they had migrated to my sides as well. Saturday they were on my back too and since then everything just keeps getting more and worse. I noticed a few on my arms and legs yesterday too. Of course I have google-searched my symptoms. I narrowed it down to PUPPs, Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy or PR. Pityriasis Rosea although neither one really fit because PUPPS is suppose to be horribly itchy and Rosea usually has a pattern to the spots. At most mine is just irritated and mildly itchy in a few bad off places. I tried some lotions which just seemed to be irritating and I tried baby powder which was a little better but didn't really help. I read online all sorts of crazy things to try and I did go out and buy dandilion root but had a hard time finding dosages by an authority so I gave that up as unsafe. I decided to go see the dermatologist instead.

I might have been able to just go to the OB but I decided I needed an expert. When I got to the office I was escorted into the back by Mr. Tall and Dashing and very young. I wouldn't typically find this terribly awkward except the worst of the rash would have required me shedding all my clothes. Lucky for me everyone could see enough without me having to resort to that ;) Dr #1, short, pretty and young decided that it looked like hives and should be itchy but was possibly PUPPS. As we ruled out any change in any product that has come in contact with my skin she brought in Dr #2, short, indian and concise. He agreed it was likely PUPPS being a common skin irritation in pregnancy (1% of pregnancies) and even if it was just hives the treatment would be the same. But he cautioned it might also be PR. (I'm glad I did my research before hand so I could give my input where warrented and be an educated part of the conversation) You see, PR while usually harmless  can cause preterm labor or at least they see a loose correlation between the two. PR happens to be a virus so the treatment would be a little different so they call in Dr. #3, short, pretty and a little older. She agreed with PUPPS or PR but cautioned that it wasn't a classical case of either one. I kept hearing them refer to my rash as inverse PUPPS. I guess PUPPS usually presents on the belly and mine surrounds the torso except not on the belly. Very strange.

So, now I am to take a steroid cream for a few days, antiviral for a week, and claratin for the remainder of the pregnancy. *sigh, at least it's not itchy yet. After all I have read I am very skeptical of any of this working but hopefully I can keep it from spreading to places I can't cover. Trying to explain to 140 8th graders why my full body rash isn't contagious is not my idea of the way  to start day 1 of school.

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