Sunday, August 26, 2012

A new year

Tomorrow marks the first day back for students in our county. I am excited to meet the new kids and start the year. I feel like I am as ready as I've ever been but I know much of that is due to me being out half the year. My first unit is all planned out but I have 2 more to go to help the sub out. I might have to do this post baby from the comfort of my bed. I just don't have it in me to focus on Astronomy right now.

Last week went well. I feel I over did it though by Friday. I was SO TIRED! I am also very achy. My belly hurts almost all the time. Maybe I stretched something or it's just growing and adapting to the peanut. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow  and can get it checked out then. Although it seems like for every ache they say the same thing: your pregnant. Oh well. On a positive note, the PUPPS seems to be receding. I don't know if it is the steroid, claratin, or anti viral but it's fading slowly. It seems to be fading where it started first and is still red where the spots showed up last. I find that very interesting although I don't know what it could mean. I almost feel like it is the antiviral doing the work as I am half way through it. I would have thought the cream would have had more of an effect right away or not at all.

Today I am resting up. I did get some last minute prep things done. One of them is a mommy approved lunch list to pin to the fridge. My wonderful DH does all the lunches but requested some ideas. So I also got a shopping list together:)

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