Sunday, April 22, 2012

My wacky week 11

You know when I have been off for a few days it doesn't mean anything good. We had a wacky week.

To start, Mike left for a meeting in California on Sunday and my dad came to step in and help me out with Logan. I could not have survived Monday and Tuesday without him. They were bad days. The zofran wasn't working and I kept throwing up the colace. My new routine is to come strait home from work and go to sleep. I just get so tired! Especially on those bad days. Wednesday was a good day, thankfully. On the good days I have been trying to rehydrate and eat a little better. When I got home from school I saw the bananas and thought, why not? I feel good. Banana's are gentle. They are bland. And they are not cereal and I am tired of cereal and pretzels. Bad idea. The banana immediately came up and sent me into a bad downward spiral. I couldn't stop throwing up. The next morning I made it in to school hoping I would feel better and that the meds would kick in. No such luck. I went home after an hour in tears. I was beyond constipated and throwing up and it had been 4 days since I had really had much to drink. So I called in. Luckily it was my doctor who got my note and told me to go to the ER.

I was terrified. I hate ERs. I was hoping I could go into L&D but they said I was too early for that. I just knew I would be sitting in that ER forever at the bottom of the priority list. Well, luckily I was wrong. Almost no one was in the ER on a Thursday morning. They got me in in about an hour. Got me in my own room and introduced my 2 nurses. They were both so friendly and so supportive. They took one look at me and said I was definitely dehydrated and later test results said the same thing. I hadn't really noticed how dry my skin was getting. I met my doctor, Dr. M who was FANTASTIC. I can't say enough how awesome she was. She new exactly what was going on with me and new exactly what to do to help. My OB was her OB and friend so she called her just to double check everything and fill her in.  They pumped me up with 3 liters of fluids and some phenergan (I think that is how you spell it) because I my OB wanted to take me off the zofran because of the constipation - a nasty side affect. She warned me it might make me woosy. LOL, I was out 10 minutes later and slept for like 3 hours! The nice nurses shut off my light and shut the door to keep the ER noise out. When I woke up they brought me a little lunch tray to see if I could eat anything and I could.  I just knew I really needed the fluids to get out of the spiral I had gotten into.

When it was time to go they took my blood pressure - 5 times and it was about 87/39. That's a little low! They wouldn't let me leave until it was higher so they had me take some laps around the ER. That seemed to help. I felt really drugged the rest of the night and a little less so on Friday at school. It's now Sunday and my little cocktail of phenergan in the evening and a low dose of zofran in the morning seems to help as long as I keep drinking whenever I can. A side affect of the phen is dry mouth so that actually helps motivate me to drink!

Tomorrow I hit 12 weeks. The last week of the first trimester. Lots of prayers that this all will end soon!I know too many people who have to deal with much worse than this all the way through the pregnancy.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Ugh-just reading your blogs make me remember the horribleness of HG! I am praying for you always, dear friend! So glad you're almost 12 weeks. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming!!!