Friday, May 4, 2012

I am not broken!

I am so excited! Please read past to the second paragraph if you are easily disturbed. My poor hiney is not broken after all! I was so afraid. I've only been able to go with the aid of enimas for the last 2 months but today I went all on my own! It is a victory people and I am so happy my fiber cereals were able to cure what the colace that I couldn't keep down could not.

It's been an up and down kind of month. My days have gone from on and off barely survival and not survivable to mostly good mixed with icky/blah. So an upswing for sure and better then I had hoped for. Monday we will be 14 weeks along, finally the second trimester and Logan's second birthday! We are not throwing a party this year as I just do not have the energy. We might try to take him to the zoo tomorrow. I took him to the pet store today in search of flea/tick medicine and he went NUTS for every animal there. He would stop, point and talk their ear off in complete babble. So I think he might like the zoo. Thanks to all our wonderful family who have sent cards. I am so terrible at celebrating birthdays so I am always so surprised and grateful at how others remember and take the time to celebrate by sending a card. In fact I think the only event I am currently keeping track of are babies and I am not doing so well with that this month either. Sorry to all my family and friends whom I neglect. I love you all! As I get older I hope to get better at the birthday thing...

Monday we will be taking cupcakes and balloons in to daycare. I will try to get out of work a little early so I can go take pictures. We got Logan a plasma car just like his cousin's and a talking digital piggy bank for his birthday.  They haven't come in yet so I hope they get here soon! Our post office is amazing about timely delivery. I sent out a package on Wednesday at 5 and it got to Michigan today, Friday early afternoon. Can't believe it but I love it.

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