Thursday, May 10, 2012

There are nightmares and then there are nightmares

Welcome to the second trimester! It's been lovely to have you along. This wonderful ride of pregnancy is not for the faint at heart and no, crackers do not cure HG. Let me clear things up a little. HG is sever morning sickness. After having met so many wonderful moms who suffer from true HG, I almost don't even want to lump myself in that category with this one. Certainly my 2 year old fits the bill, but this one is somewhere between just bad morning sickness and not so bad HG. The line however has to be drawn somewhere. I have lost more than 20 lbs and crackers still do not cure what ails me and I have been in to the ER for fluids so I will continue to lump myself in with not as bad HG. Many prayers to the women who are bed ridden for 9 months vomiting constantly and with PICC lines in to help them survive the worst of this disorder. Me? I don't have enough of an excuse to not get up at 6:30 on a Monday morning and shower and put clothes on a body that would rather not be clothed in anything but jammies. It's like some kind of mommy torture.

Here is a week in review:
Monday - back to work bra torture in a fog after a night of nightmares. Logan's Birthday, daycare did an amazing job of throwing him a party. I just couldn't get it together for him.
Tuesday - House keeper day and day 1 of second trimester. Relive Monday, nightmare #2 - decide the phenergan is to blame and time to stop taking phenergan. Constipated all day. Magic Saline worked it's magic.
Wednesday - Night of no drugs and felt MUCH better. I had pep in my step and got to teach a great lesson. Didn't even need the zofran today:) Decided to throw Logan a mini party at home. He frosted his own cake that he had helped make on Monday and blew out his own candles. It was precious.
Thursday - Tired but still feeling ok. Oh wait, that is until I eat my breakfast. My body decided I needed to go to the bathroom immediately but could not get anything to exit the system. Nightmare #3 - having to go ask a coworker to cover your 3rd period so you can drive 30 minutes home for your enima so you can go potty. BOOO. Felt much better afterwards! Again, no zofran today.

*sigh. I dream of staying at home again and lunching with friends who understand the woes of being a mom and trying to take care of toddlers. At school lunch all I get is GROSS! No one wants to know about your fiber! We have some real mature men on our team. This morning before I left for work Logan was awake and came and sat on my lap to snuggle for a few minutes. I love that kid. Every day I think how amazing he is and am reminded how worth it our next one is too. I feel so blessed to even be able to conceive. This may have to be our last natural one but I am so grateful for the opportunity. Here's to a better second trimester!

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  1. Love you, friend! Praying daily for you and your little bean!!!