Friday, April 13, 2012


Today as I was walking ever so slowly in to school (either from pain, lethargy or really the unwantedness of beginning the day) a fellow teacher pulled me aside to exclaim how I am beginning to show now. I assured her that it was just an illusion from the dress and she was adamant about how no I now have a belly where I didn't before. I thought it was sweet but honestly, my belly is the same size, the rest of me has just shrunk around it so I guess she is right. The belly I had post baby, is now hard with a new baby and I am looking lean everywhere else! Ah, my silver lining. If I have learned anything from last time though it's that I need to begin doing some light exercises to keep my muscles from disintegrating as well. It makes it hard to keep the weight off after if you have no muscle to help.

My first week back after spring break was tough but bearable. I had some great lessons planned where I didn't have to stand and entertain too much. It involved a lot of strategic teaching and transitions to the students working. We had 2 days in the computer lab of trying to identify rocks of which I am actually getting pretty good at. Did you know Maryland has a lot of metamorphic rock due to pre-Pangaea mountain uplifting? Well Tuesday and Wednesday went great. I was able to eat and drink moderately well while heavily medicating. Thursday was bad, as I predicted. I made it through most of the day until I gave up 6th period and just went home to a 2 1/5 hour nap. It didn't improve my appetite and all I got down was an orange and piece of cornbread. Today was a little better, I actually survived a day of teaching with lectures in 6 classes and ate a piece of carrot cake! I'm still working on the water though. The last thing I want to cram into the weekend is a trip to L&D for fluids.

Sunday DH is heading out west for a meeting and won't be back until Tuesday then has another presentation on Friday. Did I mention he has been taking care of EVERYTHING around here? How could I survive a 2 year old, being sick, and trying to work? Plus DH was in a panic all day yesterday on how he was going to finish everything so I called my lifeline - my parents. My dad is coming in tonight to help us out. Thanks Dad! (and thanks Mom for sharing him, I know you wanted to make it too)

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