Wednesday, March 20, 2013

dslr, r u kidding? How do I get this thing to focus?

Playing around with my new camera today. Because I need another hobby? Lol, I just want great pics of the kids and I find it fun. Man, the learning curve is crazy. So after watching maybe 15 videos on youtube today I now know what ISO is, aperature, white balance, shutter speed, composition... now it's getting it all together... on a thrashing wee one... or a frenzied toddler... oh man.

So I still think I am getting better pics on my point and shoot Canon but I can see the potential in my new little dslr canon. If I can get that focus thing down on a moving child than things will be great. I'm not sure if it possible when in a low light situation.

I can't wait until Spring. Oh wait. That's today!

Here is a picture of Logan outside with me just messing around BEFORE the tutorials. I had no idea how to select a place to focus on.

I so wish I had known how to focus on the eyes before I attempted all this but all in all they turned out ok.

The one I got of my dog, Gunnar was pretty nice.
I like that I didn't have to edit any of the coloring at all. Just a light crop.

Then I tried some of Lucy inside with some moderate success! Still working on that focus. Gosh I love this girl's skin. Enjoy!

Oh and one last thing. I made that pretty sweet headband. We have to make them big to distract from that HAIR! Her cowlick is just not getting any smaller. Ah my love. So your love/hate relationship with your hair begins. Imma gonna get a quick tutorial of that one up sometime soon. It is SO easy and all you need are the materials and hot glue.

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